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Joinedapp: Surveys Tab

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About Joinedapp

Joinedapp opens new sales channels for their customers and clients through building chatbots, and checkout flows where users don’t have to leave their respective app/social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, and Whatsapp.


The Joinedapp dashboard is the central area in which the user will find analytics and data about things such as their products, customers and campaigns.

Many of Joinedapp’s clients use the survey feature to ask important questions about their business and products to their customers. There is no current way for the clients to review this information and collect data visually as the dashboard does not have an adequate way to display this information. Hence, a new “Surveys” tab page is needed to organize this information.

Drafting Process

An initial visualization of what was wanted and needed to be included in the Surveys tab page before prototyping was given below

Untitled (1).png
Untitled (2).png

A rapid wireframe was created before any prototyping iteration was made


An icon was designed that would be straight forward so the user can quickly understand that they are navigating to the Surveys tab page 


Prototype screens were created within the iteration processes in order to satisfy the requirements of the Surveys tab page


Final Prototype


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