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Niche Product Page Redesign

Product Page Redesign for Niche

Niche is a snowboard company based in Salt Lake City that designs and builds the world’s only zero-waste, environmentally concious snowboards.

I redesigned the product webpage for Niche, creating a better experience for customers when shopping for snowboards.


Niche’s current product pages feel a little outdated, with organizational and aesthetic issues. It doesn’t reflect the same quality and passion that are put into their snowboards.

problem: overall poor ui/ux


  1. Create a more dynamic visual hierarchy to draw customers to buy the product.

  2. Make information about the product enjoyable and easy to read.

First Iteration

I created wireframes and sketches which I then narrowed down to one to create a first iteration.

first iteration: wireframe (left) and prototype (right)

Final Iteration

After the first iteration, I interviewed several people of varying ski and snowboard backgrounds (beginner to advanced) and had them test the prototype.

Overall, users thought the webpage was more visually appealing, and liked the improved interactions because it was more intuitive, but thought the webpage was too long and information heavy, so I cut the copy to be more concise. Based on feedback, I decided to further explore branding and color changes that would entice users to buy the product.

final iteration

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