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Lumètre: The Lightmeter App

A Comprehensive Lightmeter 
for Photographers

A lightmeter is used to measure light on a subject to allow photographers to know what shutter speed and aperture to set their cameras.

Lumètre is a comprehensive lightmeter app that gives photographers the power to measure lighting of subjects at any time, even with old photos, while having useful note taking capabilities.


In the photography field, especially those that use film, photographers take notes of their metering and light measurements to compare and contrast between images they take to determine desired composition and lighting. Having a physical lightmeter and separate notebook while actively photographing in the field disrupts workflow.


  1. For users to easily meter their subjects without the added clunkiness of a physical lightmeter

  2. For users to quickly keep useful information about their photographs for future reference without fear of losing it 

Initial Ideation

I brainstormed ideas on what a useful lightmeter app would make up. After that, I conducted interviews with both film and digital photographers, and after discussing and further learning their needs, I then condensed the list of ideas and functionalities and formed the defined goals for the product. Wireframes were later created on paper and then through Figma.

First Iteration

After sketching and creating wireframes, I created static screens visualizing Lumètre. Users have the ability to tap and meter where they want within the camera space and can look back at their saved images. When users go back to their saved photos, they have the option of creating new meter points.

Final Iteration

After reviewing the first iteration’s screens, I made changes to make the interactions and visual cues more intuitive:

  1.  Color palette was changed to increase readability

  2. The notes section was redesigned for more breathability and easier maneuvering to cancel or save.

  3. The focal point design was changed from a square to a circle to reinforce familiarity as metering focal points are often circular in camera viewfinders. 

final prototype

Final Prototype

The main functionalities from the first iteration were carried over into the final prototype while utilizing the design changes from the final iteration.

In camera mode, users are able to change their metering options without compromising the amount camera space they have. Users tap the spot where they want to meter and then can hold the metered image position and/or log the photo. (left)

Users can navigate all their saved photos within the albums option and log new metered focal points or delete existing focal points on each image. (right)

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