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Joinedapp: McDonald's AI Chatbot

An AI Chatbot for McDonald's

Joinedapp opens new sales channels for their clients with AI chatbots on social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp allowing users to complete their entire customer journey directly through the chatbot from shopping to checkout.

At Joinedapp, I
designed and scripted a conversational AI chatbot for McDonald’s that contains functionalities and features such as email signup, checkout flows and promotional campaigns.


The turnaround time for McDonald’s current chatbot is 2 to 6 minutes or no reponse at all, in addition to having a lack of capabilites like ordering through the chat.

poor response time (left) | no response or ordering capability (right)

problem: response + capabilities 


1.  For customers to access customer service quickly
2. Draw customers to easy ordering and exclusive                    marketing campaign coupons


I explored various B2C chatbots on Facebook like Levi’s and Kayak. I also looked at McDonald’s facebook page, website and mobile app to understand their branding and what they offer to their customers that in a McDonald’s specific chatbot.

Initial Ideation

I created a list of as many possible options involved in a user story and responses that the chatbot would be able to give. After that, I created sketches and scripts for different flows.

We decided that what should be implemented within the chatbot’s conversational flow would include:

  • Browse the menu and ingredients 

  • Make a purchase 

  • Exclusive Coupons 

  • Sign up for the email list 

  • Store Locator 

  • Ask FAQ's 

  • Log in my account for deals 

first iteration

First Iteration

I created separate prototypes from my sketches and script drafts:

1. A user signing up for McDonald’s            and then performing tasks within the      conversational flow. Users receive          quick and accurate responses to            their needs (left)
2. A user logging in if they already              have a McDonald’s account (right)

final iteration

Final Iteration

After me and others interacted with the first iteration, I noticed that users often clicked on quick replies before typing anything. Thus, I included unique quick replies that replaced one that was already used so typing new inquiries would be minimal (left).

The sign up option was removed; no sign up flow is needed as logging into Facebook already uniquely identifies the user so they can start using the chatbot (right).

The keyword “Log in” was confusing since users technically are already logged in if they are using the chatbot. I replaced logging in with a choice to link an existing account (right).

additional iteration

Additional Iteration

Exclusive coupons were also incorporated in a separate flow to show how users can get additional coupons through easy interactive quizzes via the chatbot.

I felt that by creating a separate feature for users to obtain one-of-a-kind coupons, this enhances the experience and uniqueness to further draw customers to ordering.

final prototype

Final Prototype

Users can access customer service quickly through the chatbot while also easily order straight through the chatbot without being redirected to a separate app.

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