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Joinedapp: HSBC AI Chatbot

An AI Chatbot for HSBC

Joinedapp enhances customer service for their clients with AI chatbots on social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp that allow users to get quick responses and complete their entire customer journey directly through the chatbot.

At Joinedapp, I
designed and scripted a conversational AI chatbot for HSBC that contains functionalities and features banking customers can use within Facebook Messenger.


The turnaround time for HSBC’s current chat can take upwards to 30 minutes or more in addition to lacking capabilities customers would find useful such as depositing a check.

problem: response + capabilities 


1. For users to be able to get their questions answered            with fast response times
2. For customers to be able to perform banking tasks via        Messenger easily


I looked at HSBC’s website to understand the kinds of banking services that they offered and have a better understanding of their branding.

Initial Ideation

I created sketches and an outline of all the possible things a banking chatbot could help a customer with. We felt that the following things were needed for the chatbot that a user could ask to do:

  • Check account balance

  • Transfer funds

  • Pay credit card bills

  • FAQ questions 

  • Branch finder based on pin drop 

  • Check deposit

first iteration

First Iteration

A prototype with all the capabilities of the chatbot was created based from the sketches and brainstorming.

For security reasons, it was decided that the chatbot would only allow the option to deposit checks and transfer funds between the user’s personal accounts.

final iteration

Final Iteration

After watching others interact with the prototype, I felt that some of the copy was a little long and I edited the script to be more clear and concise.

I changed the pinned locations when a user wants to find the nearest bank to a carousel of nearest locations. This allows for easier navigation of choices (left).

Instructions for depositing a check were more thorough to ensure users could successfully upload their check to deposit (right).

final prototype


Keep instructions brief but thorough enough for the user to understand easily.

Give users a set number of options to choose from as opposed to an infinite amount.

Final Prototype

Users can get their questions answered quickly and perform banking tasks if needed without having to redirect to a new site.


What other precautions and security features should be included to keep chatbot banking safe and secure?

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